Manage expenses

While managing your expenses the best way is to avoid debt, it can also be an uphill battle. That's why it's important to have a plan in place.

Finance record

Financial records include a statement of retained earnings and cash flow, income statements and the company's balance sheet and tax returns.

Save easily

To save and budget effectively, start by identifying your financial priorities. We help people to build sound saving and investing habits.

Leave your financial decisions to us

- Monitor and manage your current cash flows (investable corpus)
- Be better prepared for future planned and unplanned expenses
- Provide easy to understand & sustained knowledge from an early stage of life
- Make you understand the importance of investing

Financial Planning is the smartest thing to do with your money

Financial planning is the process of optimising inflow & outflow. It also includes the investment of extra money for future usage in a tax efficient manner

Saving for future (retirement / expense planning)


Accumulation for capital growth


Providing for future capital expenses


Why Work with Advise Hunt?

We make sure that NGO’s who have smaller investable corpus, are given the right and professional advice.

Professional help for NGO’s who are not approached by large wealth managers.

Sustained education

- Importance of saving
- Importance of Future Planning –
- Start saving early

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Queries Solved

Frequently asked questions

Find quick answers to common questions using our helpful FAQs.

1. How does it work?

Our aim at Advise Hunt is twofold- financial literacy and pro bono advice for NGOs. The primary half aims to increase the knowledge people, especially those who don’t have access to proper education and facilities, have and in turn help them become financially independent and take informed decisions in life.

The latter part is an indirect platform to help the community. We help the community by helping those who can help them, i.e., NGOs. We provide completely free financial advice, using experienced and qualified advisors.

2. Are there any fees that I have to pay?

All our services are provided completely FREE OF COST.

3. What supporting documents do I need?

We only need the basic financial information – available cash flows, duration that its available for (to be invested), risk & return guidelines from you.

4. How can I contact you?

  1. You can reach us on the founders direct mobile – 9811445559
  2. You can email us at
  3. You need to register with us online on our website and fill out the details

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We provide completely free financial advice, using experienced and qualified advisors. Feel free to contact us using the link below.

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